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Make reading a fun adventure for your child with his/her own personalized children's books.



What are personalized children’s books?

Personalized children’s books are a great way to encourage children to read and develop good reading habits.  The reader gets to be one of the main characters.  Imagine the thrill of being able to read about yourself along with your friends and family members.  Each book will contain the child’s name, age, hometown,  and friends.  Our books will provide an unforgettable reading experience that the child will want to repeat again and again.  Bound in washable hard covers and filled with rich colored illustrations, Personalized children’s books are made to provide a valued keepsake.

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How are Personalized Children’s Books different from regular children’s books?

Personalized Children’s Books are different from regular children’s books in that they are about your special child as the main character of the story.  His or her name, nickname, age, hometown and friends are all used throughout the book.  Children want to read these stories again and again because they are the star of the story.

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How long does it take to receive the order?

If your books are in stock, we will process and ship your order within two to three business days after the payment has been received.  Remember that during the holidays, processing time as well as shipping may take a little longer. FREE Priority shipping on orders of $65.00 or more and mailing to the same address. 

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What if I select a book that is out of stock?

If you select a book that is out of stock,  we will either email you or call you by phone to let you know.  If you still want your original choice, it will take approximately two weeks longer.  If time is a factor and you can not wait that long, you can choose a different book title.  Simply let us know this in your reply email or in our phone conversation.

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What sizes are the books?

The four giant books and My Baby Book are large 9x12inch books with 18 pages.  The deluxe books, both licensed and non-licensed, are 6x9inch books with 24 pages.  Every page of all of the books contains color illustrations while the text alternates on every other page.

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What is the book dedication? And what should I use for it?

In the front of each book are 2 dedication lines with the name of the “Gift Giver” in between them.  The most common dedication is “With best wishes from” or some folks choose an occasion or holiday like “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Birthday”, or “Happy Valentine’s Day”.  They then follow up with a date whether it be just the year or the month, day, and year.  Often times a corporate sponsor who is giving our books to a group of children will use these dedication lines to include the name of his company along with a brief message and/or website.  Some also choose to use the giver’s name, company name and date or year.

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What if I do not know the child’s age or middle name?

It is no problem if you do not know the child’s age or middle name .  The book will turn out just fine without them. 

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How often will the nickname appear in the book?

If you are stating the child’s nickname, understand that the child’s first name will appear on the dedication page and also the first time the child is mentioned in the book. THE NICKNAME WILL THEN BE USED THROUGHOUT THE REST OF THE STORY.  This is very important to some folks, so you may want to double check on it and make sure you understand how it works.  Once we enter the nickname as part of the book information, that nickname will be substituted for the child’s actual name throughout the rest of the book.  If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to  email us at info@snowcountrybooks.com  .

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Can I get an idea of how the book is actually personalized for my child?

We know it’s important for you to see how your child’s personal information is actually incorporated into the story.  If you go to our Interactive Sample page and type in your child’s information, you will see how your child becomes the star of the story in two of our most popular books.

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How can I contact you with a website or order problem or perhaps a question?
We will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Don’t hesitate to:     Write us at    Snow Country Books
P.O. Box 94, Suite 1
Guys Mills, PA 16327

                                   Email us at     info@snowcountrybooks.com

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What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express, and Discover.  These payments are made through PayPal.  We also accept money orders, cashier’s checks, and personal checks.  All payments must be in U.S. funds, and books will not be shipped until checks have cleared.  There is a $25 service charge on all returned checks.

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What is PayPal?  Is it secure to use?

PayPal is the safer, easier way to pay online.  It is trusted by more than a 100,000 merchants.  Dell, Barnes & Noble, and Ebay are just a few.  Through PayPal  you pay without exposing your credit card numbers to the merchant, and you have 100% protection from unauthorized payments.  You can pay with your choice of Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover.  See www.paypal.com for more information or to sign up for an account.

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Is it safe to order through Snow Country Books?

Absolutely.  Our site uses 168-bit encryption technology, which means that
any personal information given to us for the use of the books will be handled with confidentiality.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, is shared with a third party.

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Do I have to pay sales tax?

You are only required to pay sales tax if you are shipping to a Pennsylvania address.  Shipping to any other state does not require paying Pennsylvania sales tax.

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Why are my email address and phone number required on the order form?

Both the email address and the telephone number of the person ordering the book(s) are required on the order form in case we would need to contact you regarding the order.  If the book you selected is on backorder, we would need to know if you would rather select another title or choose to wait for the original selection.  This information will help us be able to give you the best possible service we can.

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What if I want more than one copy of the same book?

We occasionally make more than one copy, usually of our “Baby Book”.  Generally folks like extra copies for God Parents, Grandparents or Keepsakes.  In that case, all you need to do is indicate the number in the “quantity” section of the shopping cart.

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Can I put more than one child’s name in a book?

No, our books have only one “star” of the story.  When you identify other children as friends or relatives, their names are only used a few times in the book.  Our star’s name appears on almost every page.

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If I am ordering for two or more children, can I use the same form?

No, you must use a different order form for each book you order.

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Can I change any of my information after sending in my order?

Information submitted with your order can be changed provided you email us at OrderAlert@snowcountrybooks.com The email change(s) must be sent so that we receive the change(s) before 7a.m. that morning when we process the orders of the day.  Please be sure to state your name, the child’s name, the name of the book, and the specific changes you would like to make.

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Can I request a brochure?

Yes, you can email us your address at info@snowcountrybooks.com to request a brochure.  We will send you all of the book covers on one page because they show the Book Titles along with an order form on the back.  If you will be ordering more than one book, and you will not be ordering online, please make sure you tell us how many order forms you will need.  Remember, each book ordered needs a separate order form.  And, as a reminder, if you need to know what each book is about, click on ALL BOOKS at the top of each page of our website for a quick plot summary. 

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