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Make reading a fun adventure for your child with his/her own personalized children's books.

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About Us

Snow Country Books is a small family owned company, and we have been involved with creating personalized books for children for many years. Our goal is to spread the joy of reading, making learning fun as well as educational. Our personalized children’s books are interesting, age appropriate, and of high quality. They will help your child increase literacy skills and retain information along with building his/her confidence and self-esteem.

Over the years, Andrea, the owner, has followed the leads of many recognized reading, writing, and learning experts to create her personalized children’s books. Some are Jay McTighe, Robert Tierney, Jim Bellanca, Robin Fogarty, David Luzier, Brian Cambourne, Michael Fullan, Regie Routman, Nancy Atwell, Toby Fulwiler, Lucy Caulkins, James Brown, Eric Jensen, David Johnson, Roger Johnson, Edye Johnson Holubec, Chris Tovani, Harvey Daniels, Fay Brownlie, Stephanie Harvey, and Anne Goudvis, just to name a few.

Andrea continues to provide first class service to ensure customer satisfaction. Every personalized children’s book is printed and bound with her excitement and joy, knowing that you will be spending precious moments with your child or special person. She likes to think that it is never too early or too late to put a book in the hands of a child. Reading is a complex skill. Comprehensive reading develops over time, and it starts with what a child sees and experiences long before he/she reaches school. That is why it is so important for a child to have caregivers who model good reading and writing habits and skills. Andrea has worked for forty years to put personalized story books and newspapers in the hands of children and to develop good reading skills and a love of learning. For those of you who would like a better idea of her interest in the woven connections between education and the corporate world, browse through her Timeline included here and look for parallels in the activities in which she participated.

We are proud to market our personalized children’s books to individuals, schools, organizations, and corporations. Looking for more ideas? Please feel free to use our Reading Tips section along with Activities, Interactive Stories, and the Corporate Give A Book Program.

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